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"Transformation is
only sustainable when
that was is understood
with the mind
also is embodied"
Eva Klein
"Eva has the great gift
of understanding people
on a level that is only
partially related to the
spoken word.
She doesn’t go detours,
but straight to soul"
CHRO, DAX company
“Eva is a very good coach
and one of the most inspirational
I have ever practiced with”
Alain Z. /UK “Eva is a very good
coach and one of the most
inspirational I have ever
practiced with”
awareness & choice into
your movement patterns and
into your life:”
Eva Klein

Embodied Transformation: The leading Edge of Human Development Coaching

“Your body is more than a brain taxi”: change and real transformation can only be permanent if we “embody” what we understand in our minds.

The Exceptional and Transformational:

A developmental journey asks of each of us, to inquire why we are here in this time and what our purpose might be, to come to know ourselves in a more integrated way. This, in turn, asks that we become ever more open to what is happening in our everyday worlds, to the patterns in our mind and body, (helpful and unhelpful),in the workplace, pervading narratives in societies and beyond. Human beings are complex and an embodied integral understanding enables me to meet each client fully, developing client capacities with remarkable speed and accuracy.

The Integral Coaching® method, in part, draws upon a powerful Integral framework called AQAL (short for All Quadrants, All Levels, All Lines, All States, All Types) originally proposed by Ken Wilber. I am blending this with my deep and profound Embodiment Work and Somatic Coaching Experience. This approach marks an all-inclusive model of human development and therefore one of the foremost approaches to embodied change and coaching today. Sound complicated? Actually, it isn’t. It’s truly elegant.

Integral Embodiment Coaching

Our body and mind form a unity, both are integrally connected with each other. Recent scientific studies speak of a “Single Integrated Entity” – the “Body Mind”. In my embodiment coaching you will learn how to transform yourself and your mind through working with your body.


Leadership Development

Imagine a developmental journey that combines the world’s most comprehensive map of human development, the structure and discipline of embodied practices, the inclusion and transcendence of intuitive capacities, and a proven track record for delivering lasting change – all within a space of deep care and uncompromising standards.MORE


Executive Coaching

Leadership Journey

Somatic Practice

Workshops & Retreats

Über Eva

Eva Klein ist nicht einfach Yogalehrerin. Sie lebt Yoga mit Körper, Seele und Geist.
Das war nicht immer so. Eine steile Karriere hatte sie zunächst als Naturwissenschaftlerin und Managerin in die Führungsetage eines internationalen Medizintechnik-Unternehmens katapultiert. Dort stand sie nicht barfuß auf der Yogamatte, sondern mit High Heels und Designertasche auf Flughäfen, managte Skype-Konferenzen oder Meetings in anderen Zeitzonen. Erfüllung fand sie dort aber nicht, die kam erst mit dem Yoga.

„Als mich Yoga vor vielen Jahren gefunden hatte, ahnte ich nicht, wie sehr es mein Leben verändern würde. Was als rein körperliche Bewegungsform für mich begann, transformierte meine Inneres. Von außen mag es erscheinen, als wäre es eine rein körperliche Praxis. Dabei geht es weit tiefer als ich es mit Worten zu erklären vermag. Es ist mein Weg zu mir selbst.“

In ihrem Yoga kombiniert Eva traditionelle Elemente und klassische Asanas mit fließenden, intuitiven Bewegungen. Ihre Einheiten sind sanft, elegant und kraftvoll zugleich. Als Senior Teacher mit einer Erfahrung von über 2.000 Unterrichtseinheiten (E-RYT 200/YA) unterrichtet Eva in internationalen Yogakursen und Retreats und coacht Einzelpersonen, Leistungssportler und Geschäftskunden.

Sie ist als German Ambassador eine der Pionierinnen in der Verbreitung des Budokon im deutschsprachigen Raum. „Budokon“ stammt aus dem Japanischen und bedeutet „Pfad des spirituellen Kriegers” (Bu = Krieger, Do = Weg und Kon = Geist). „Durch die Verbindung von Yoga und Budokon habe ich gelernt, den Krieger und den Yogi in mir zu vereinen – die Dualität, die jeder von uns in sich trägt.“ Auf internationalen Festivals wie dem weltweit bekannten „Wanderlust“ begeistert Eva tausende von Menschen für Yoga. Zudem agiert Eva als Brand Ambassador für Lululemon, einem der weltweit führenden Hersteller für Yoga- und Fitnessbekleidung. Als Covergirl und Interviewpartnerin findet man Eva in den Fachmedien.


  • "Eva has the great gift of understanding people on a level that is only partially related to the spoken word. She doesn't go detours, but straight to soul."

    CHRO Dax company
  • "The joint 1:1 work with Eva over the past years has been sensational! Without her I would not be where we are today with my company. Thank you!"

    CEO Medium-sized company
  • "The tandem 'Eva and Nicholas' is unbeatable. Both are very experienced and highly skilled coaches. Mind Movement Mastery enriches each of our Leadership Team Development Journeys."

    Board Member DAX company
  • "Eva is a wonderful senior teacher who makes her classes accessible to all levels. Her asana sequences are intelligently balanced, grounding and uplifting, calming and energising, allowing practitioners to open the body gradually and safely move into more advanced poses. I also had a great 2-hour one-to-one practice with Eva, during which I learnt advanced and safe arm balancing techniques. Her knowledge of anatomy and correct alignment made me feel safe and allowed me to progress rapidly. Always smiling, Eva is one of the most inspirational teachers with whom I have practiced."

    Alain Z. London / UK



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