Executive Coaching

Are you looking for more than 60 minutes of mental sparring? Are you convinced that your body is not just a “brain taxi”, but a valuable instrument and compass on your way? Do you finally want to embody what you are trying to do with your mind? If so you have come to the right place! In exclusive body coaching sessions, individually adapted to you and your needs, we use embodiment techniques and embodied yoga to work on your “body mindset” in order to let you become a present and inspiring personality.
The sessions do not require special athletics, but curiosity and the willingness to let yourself surprise yourself. Be curious as to what answers your body has in store for you and what influence it has on your life!

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Leadership Journeys

Do you wish to see real change for your company, your executives and your teams, and in doing so achieve personal development and thus holistic transformation beyond the mere transfer of skills and competencies? If so the “State of the Art” in-house seminars are just the thing for you.

In cooperation with Nicholas Pesch and Transformation Beyond, I offer customized MIND MOVEMENT MASTERY Programs, which are unique in Germany and individually designed, project- and topic-related, and which really sustainably develop leaders, teams and entire companies. We don’t produce nine-day wonders. We accompany leaders over a coordinated period of time with a variety of modules from the latest mental training and body-work of the knowledge forges Harvard and Standford. The aim is to initiate and implement sustainable change processes. After all, understanding in one’s head is not enough to make change and transformation possible in the long term. We develop the Body-Mind for Personal Development, Team Effectiveness and Leadership Excellence in a holistic, targeted and profitable way. For a world that works for everyone.

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Somatic Practice

“My legacy is every life I have touched”. I have been contemplating about this sentence for years, and it resonates deeply with me. I want to give you everything that I know. ON and OFF the mat. Here is my offer:

  • THE ESSENTIAL 100h Yoga Basis Ausbildung

    100h Basic Yoga Training with Eva Klein @The StudioMunich
    “A program designed not to produce more teachers, but to create more yogis.”

    A yoga training suitable for all who

    • want to take a look behind the scenes of the “yoga trend” and dive deeper into their very personal path of self-transformation.
    • are passionate yogis and want to deepen their knowledge in the different facets of yoga.
    • want to develop an understanding of the healthy alignment principles of the body in the asanas and the structure of a basic yoga class.
    • have both feet firmly on the ground in everyday life and are looking for a high-quality extension of their spectrum (e.g. teachers, therapists, coaches, bodyworkers, etc.).

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  • Embodied Yoga Principles Teacher Training Embodied Yoga Principles for the first time in Munich with Eva Klein & Mark WalshLimited number of participants!This professional development course is a short pragmatic, training for yoga teachers wishing to deepen their asana classes psychologically, and help their students get yoga “off the mat”. This course is also for coaches and therapists, who wish to gain insights through the clients body to help with their transformation.You may love this training if you want to:
    • learn practical tools to psychologically enrich your yoga classes
    • help students get their yoga learning into their whole lives
    • connect asana practice more fully with what you care most about, what’s real and what matters
    • enrich your current style of yoga with a fresh perspective
    • develop a new aspect of your own yoga practice, that’s both profound and practical
    • become qualified as an officially certified EYP teacher
    • to join a supportive, fun, international community
    • have a great time learning something new and unique

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Workshops & Retreats

Embody your inner Wisdom with Eva Klein and Tanja Hirsch | 8.-13.6.2021 Mallorca

The past year was challenging. You long for: Travel, time out, sun, rest and recharge your batteries?
This retreat is for you: We offer you a space to let go and grow at the same time.

Retreat price from 349€, accommodation and meals from 925€.

All further information and booking options can be found here.

No matter whether two hours or seven days; deep experiences and amazing insights await you, opening up new perspectives and allowing you to find yourself.
In a unique combination of the wisdom of ancient spiritual paths and insights of modern embodiment, coupled with the intensive and at the same time relaxing breathing and body-work of yoga, I will accompany you on your journey to sustainable personality development and intensive self-knowledge. Meditation, mind training, yoga and body coaching let you become deeper and clearer. Sometimes challenging, but always effective and fulfilling.

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All workshops can be booked under THE STUDIO (unless stated otherwise ):

Coming home to your body.
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