Our body and mind form a unity, both are integrally connected with each other. Recent scientific studies speak of a “Single Integrated Entity” – the “Body Mind”. In my embodiment coaching you will learn how to transform yourself and your mind through working with your body.

The body knows answers that our mind has no access to.
That is why our body is such a valuable instrument for an authentic, happy and successful life. If we recognize and unfold the potential of the body, we can also transform our psyche.
Embodiment makes our world of thoughts and feelings permeable to new impulses. We bring awareness and choice into our movement patterns and our lives.

In my body coachings I interweave the “state of the art” body work of the embodiment with traditional elements of yoga. Through the use of specific postures and the highly specialized technique of “body inquiry”, it is possible very quickly to uncover individual thought patterns, preferences and beliefs and to transform them through the body.
Redesign your self-created reality!



Beyond all trends, yoga is above all a deep practice to find your way back home – to you. Your yoga mat as a microcosm in which you learn to observe, challenge and care for yourself. During yoga sessions with me you experience a practice that lets you explore yourself and discover new, undreamt-of potentials that lie within you.

Asana not only as a “work-out” but also as a “work-in”. Yoga thus becomes a mirror in which you can look at all your challenges in “real life”. This confrontation with yourself and your life is one of the most beautiful aspects of yoga for me.
In combination with the elements of the Embodied Yoga Principles as well as movements beyond the known patterns, in flowing connection with your breathing, my Yoga supports your mental and emotional work and lets you dive into undiscovered potentials and possibilities.


Eva Klein

I don’t see myself “simply” as a yoga teacher and embodiment specialist. Titles are not what defines me. What I do, how I move and act in our world, determines who and what I am. And I live Embodied Yoga – with body, soul and spirit. It’s more than “making cool shapes with your body”, and it doesn’t end when you leave the classroom. I have understood the following: our body is a valuable instrument for a happy and successful life. With this conviction I teach with devotion and authenticity. I combine traditional elements and classical asanas from yoga with the body-work of the embodiment. My sessions are gentle, elegant and powerful at the same time.
My workshops and coaching sessions thrive on humor and lightheartedness, on gentleness and depth. During the lessons I create a space with my warmth in which the participants can explore themselves. I love the soft sounds and pay attention to what happens between the asanas.

This was not always the case. A rapid career had first catapulted me as a scientist and manager to the top of an international medical technology company. There I wasn’t standing barefoot on the yoga mat, but with high heels and designer bags at airports, supervised studies, managed Skype conferences or meetings in other time zones. Pure responsibility. Pure stress. Meaningful and fulfilled? Less so.
Was that it? I increasingly questioned the grueling and egocentric lifestyle, embarked on a search and allowed myself to be found. Embodied Yoga became my life and my calling.
Today I say with conviction: Embodiment & Yoga are my inner path of transformation through working with body and mind – on and off the mat.
As a Senior Teacher and Embodiment Specialist with experience of over 3,000 teaching units, I teach international courses and retreats and coach individuals, competitive athletes and business clients.
For several years now I have been accompanying thousands of people in their yoga at the world-famous Wanderlust Festival.

I am also a Brand Ambassador for Lululemon, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of yoga and fitness clothing. As a cover girl and interview partner, you can find me in the trade media of the print and online world.
As a former German Ambassador for BudokonYoga, I was one of the pioneers in its distribution in German-speaking countries.
My online yoga classes in German and English are available at leading yoga portals.


  • Embodied Facilitator 
  • Enneagram Coach
  • Embodied Yoga Principles Teacher
  • Yoga Teacher E-RYT 200 (Wanderlust108 / Wanderlust Festival / Yogi Days etc.)
  • Marketing Manager for Strategic and Operational Marketing of the Business Units Orthopaedics & Oncology of a start-up company in the medical technology sector
  • OP care & training of medical specialists, doctors and distributors
  • Consultant HealthCare / Pharma / Medical Devices in an international personnel consulting firm
  • Customer Business Development in the Pharmaceuticals Division of a leading global corporation
  • Study of natural sciences with focus on molecular genetics and embryology
Coming home to your body.
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